With car ownership, comes car maintenance responsibilities. Although sending your car to the repair company might be the easy option, repairs are expensive and can cost you a lot if you need professional assistance for every little thing. Instead, adopting a habit of doing it on your own can save you lots of money and make you a responsible car owner. Here are some car parts that don’t need expert supervision to be checked or maintained.

Oil Filter

Your car’s oil filter needs to be checked on a regular basis and replaced as required. Engines accumulate dirt, carbon residue and debris over a week. This accumulation can cause severe strain on the oil filter. You cause for concern should be even more if you are using non-synthetic oil as they need frequent replacement (usually after every 5000 kilometres covered for most Australian cars). Synthetic oil lasts twice as long. Check the oil and oil filter of your car on a weekly basis to ensure that there’s no persistent damage caused by dirt accumulation.

Tyre Pressure

Incorrect tyre pressure can lead to tyres getting damaged earlier than anticipated, poor mileage or worse – an unexpected blowout while driving. Checking tyre pressure every time you get an oil refill is a good habit. Retailers who sell automotive parts online will be able to provide you with a cheap and effective tyre pressure monitor.

Transmission Fluid

A drop in transmission fluid levels can result in gear-shifting complications. Monitoring these levels is very easy. A lot of cars come with pre-installed dipsticks to keep an eye on transmission fluid levels. The ‘check engine’ light is also an indicator of unstable transmission fluid levels. Manual transmissions need a fluid replacement for every 7000 kilometres covered, whereas automatic transmissions need a fluid replacement for every 16,000 kilometres covered.

Spark Plugs

The ‘check engine’ light on the dashboard or improper engine function is the two most common symptoms of your car needing a Spark Plug upgrade. If you have an old vehicle, you might need to find a decent seller of automotive parts onlineas these vehicles need frequent spark plug replacements. Modern Aussie cars use titanium spark plugs that last for over 16,000 kilometres. As soon as your mileage levels star increasing, start checking your car’s spark plugs to check if there’s any visible damage.

Checking and maintaining these parts is easy. By teaching yourself to maintain these important parts, you will be more informed about your car’s overall health so that no auto repair company can rip you off!