Getting your car the perfect tire can optimize the performance, as they get in contact with the road surface. Having a good pair of tires for your vehicle not only ensures the performance and safe journey. But it also gives you better control over brake, acceleration. And ensure handling of it carefully to increase the overall lifespan of your vehicle. One of them is the Pirelli Tires(ยาง รถยนต์ Pirelli, which is the term in Thai) that can be a bit expensive at first but has good support overall. A cheap set of tires can make your journey an exhausting, bumpy ride overall. Let us discuss what you can consider when selecting tires for your car.

Tubeless or Tube-Type:

Tubeless or tube-type, depending on the requirements you can choose either of them. But you may find tubeless more reliable as they are advanced and safe to use. Furthermore, the steel wheels work fine with them as they have rust prevention property inside.


Size is an essential factor to look around, and you can see it on the sidewall of a tire. It consists of 3 parts rim size, tread width, and sidewall height.

Tread Pattern:

The pattern plays a crucial role as it determines the overall riding experience of your car. And how well it can sustain in different weather conditions. They are responsible for channeling the water away when you are driving through waterlogged areas. You can find Conventional tread, Uni-directional tread, Asymmetric tread, and choose depending on the requirement you have.

Rubber Compound:

The rubber material is essential that you can consider while purchasing a tire. It provides a tight grip over the ground with the frictional material, and the quality tire can also help control the speed.

Manufacture Reputation:

The manufacturer’s reputation can help you a lot to determine the quality you are getting while purchasing. Renowned tire manufacturers like Pirelli Tires provide you the best optimum quality depending on your requirement and budget. If you do not have much idea about these, you can always check over the Internet, take public opinion and help you overall.

Warranty And Date Of Manufacture:

Read every term carefully, and do not take any tire without a warranty card. Never buy a tire whose manufacturing date is more than six months, and you can locate this on the tire represented as a four-digit number. Purchasing a tire will be an easy task, but getting the right one will be difficult.