As a business owner and entrepreneur, your vehicle is one of your most valuable assets, aside from your workforce. Whether you’re looking for a new or a used commercial vehicle in Singapore, investing in one can make a difference in how your business operates.

It’s hard to imagine modern-day enterprises operating without the use of commercial vehicles for transport. From distribution to delivery process in different industry sectors, the right commercial vehicle can help you fulfil your requirements to get the job done in no time. If you’re planning and invest in commercial vehicles for your business, here’s what you need to know:

Different Types Of Commercial/Private Vehicles

If you’re interested in investing or planning to grab a new or used lorry for sale in Singapore, knowing the different types of commercial vehicles is integral for making a wiser choice.

Commercial trucks

Trucks are multi-purpose commercial motor vehicles suitable for multiple work applications. There are many types of commercial trucks you can look for, such as:

Pickup trucks

Pickup trucks are one of the most often used vehicles for picking up and transporting goods from different locations via trailers. While it’s not as heavy as other types, it’s still suitable for hauling loads of light to moderate-heavy items. Most pickup truck drivers need an ID and specific class driver’s license to use the vehicle. Unlike other commercial heavy-duty motor vehicles, pickup trucks are often under the light-duty category.


A semi-truck is basically a combination of a tractor unit with a semi-trailer (often one or more) via a fifth-wheel connection. Semi-trucks are more heavy-duty rigs for carrying heavier freights or hauling cargo for fulfilling transport or delivery hubs. One view available semi-trucks for purchase or loaning via a simple search for a prime mover for sale in Singapore‘ or ‘commercial semi-trucks online.

Box trucks

Box trucks are also known as ‘cube trucks’ where the tractor is directly attached or affixed to the trailer. Some box trucks can have a door between their cabin and cargo area. Many enterprises and companies employ box trucks for transporting manufacturing products and even used to haul large boxes and furniture items for movers.

Buses/motor coaches

Buses are among the most reliable commercial transport vehicles you should, and it’s not an exclusive thing for school establishments. You can typically find a wide range of transit buses for a more efficient transport solution for working personnel. From motor coaches or minibuses to accommodate your need for capacity range. Be it a new or used commercial vehicle, buses are reliable to accommodate several passengers for on-site transportation or for your corporate group travel.

Commercial vans

Some would consider commercial vans the best of both worlds if you’re looking to transport heavy goods or accommodate passengers. Nonetheless, there is a wide range of commercial vans around the automobile market. So if you’re buying a used commercial vehicle or loan, you save money in the long run since most new models have a high price tag. Here are a few different types of commercial vans you can find:

  • Dropside van (sizable open-rear space for hauling goods or passengers)
  • Panel van (has a closed spacious rear interior for transporting goods or items)
  • Passenger van (more family-friendly look variant for transporting passengers with available seats)
  • Step/multi-stop van (taller and fuller-sized vans with a roll-up rear door, notable for carrying edible goods, such as bread or meat)
  • Cargo van (with cargo attached to the driver’s cab)

5 Important Things To Consider When Buying A Commercial Vehicle


Whether you intend to purchase a new or a used lorry for sale online/local dealers, buying one requires considering a number of aspects. No one wants to end up buying the wrong type. Here’s what you need to consider when purchasing a commercial motor vehicle for your business:

Check the cabin size

Commercial vehicles vary when it comes to their cabin size. Therefore, it’s only essential to consider the best and most comfortable cabin type for long-haul or spacious passenger trips. It’s worth noting that the size of the cabin may affect the length of the bed.

Consider the engine

Choosing the engine is perhaps the most vital part of purchasing a new or used commercial vehicle for your business. The component will dictate the vehicle performance you wish to incorporate into your day-to-day operation. For example, a four-cylinder engine is an idea for daily heavy commuting for trucks. On the other hand, a V6 engine is generally reliable for longer mileage with better fuel efficiency and enhanced engine output.

Know about the dealer

The dealership is another crucial aspect that buyers should never overlook. The best dealer can provide all the necessities and will handle the needs of your fleet and business. Purchasing from a reputable and well-known dealer makes a difference when to aftermarket support with a working committed department.

Have a test drive

Conducting a test drive helps determine whether the vehicle you are planning to buy is the right one you will need. It gives you a feel to see if you are comfortable controlling the truck you intend to purchase. Be it a new or a used commercial vehicle, there’s no reason to make immediate buying without proper testing.

Know the maintenance process

Lastly, owning a commercial vehicle entails an enormous responsibility for maintaining that the truck runs and operates without problems. Otherwise, your operation can experience downtime with poorly maintained lorries—making it a liability rather than an asset. Therefore, know and understand the maintenance needs to prevent problems and expensive repairs/replacements.

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