The car’s suspension system is a very important component of your vehicle. It takes care of three crucial functions. Which are all necessary to keep you safe and comfortable within the car. It supports the vehicle, absorbs bumps and road shocks and keeps the car levelled. One big component of the car’s suspension system are the control arms. This serves as the direct connection between the front wheel and the frame of the vehicle. Without it, the vehicle will not be drivable or safe. In other words: the car’s suspension system (and everything that goes with it) is extremely important to maintain. Without it, your car cannot function. But how do you maintain these crucial element of your car? In this blog we tell you everything you need to know about a car’s crucial functions.

Check the tires frequently

Understand that the tires are part of the suspension system. When the tires aren’t in great condition, it will have an extreme effect on the complete suspension system. That’s why it’s important to keep them in good shape.

You need to ensure that your tires are always properly inflated. This way the performance of the car won’t be compromised. And it also helps the complete suspension. Without good tires, your car cannot function. It will compromise the drivers safety and comfort in the care.

Make sure you check the air pressure on regular bases. If the tires aren’t evenly inflated, you will notice this while driving. Most cars are nowadays enriched with a system that tells you if your air pressure is good enough (or not!) So you can inflate them when necessary.

Not sure how much they need to be inflated? Check them at a petrol station. Here are special meters which can show you how much you need to inflate them.

Adjust your driving behaviour

Your driving behaviour is a key factor in maintaining a great car’s suspension system. This system needs to lower down the pressure on your car and keep you safe and comfortable in your own vehicle. But this comes with a lifespan. Certainly when you don’t drive as safe as you could be. Just make sure you don’t put too much force on the brakes or the tires by driving erratically.

Adjust your driving behaviour to prevent any more damage on the suspension system. By driving more carefully, you can expend the lifespan and enjoy more comfort (and safety) in your own vehicle.

Go to a mechanic

Your car needs to be checked at least once a year. When you drive a lot, this needs to be increased to a minimum of two times a years. These maintenance procedures concludes checking many things from the suspension system. It should also include rotating tires every other 30.000 kilometres. Don’t postpone maintenance on your car, because you can’t find the time to do so. Make sure your safe and go to a mechanic. In the long-term this will also let you save money, because quick fixers are a lot cheaper than big repairs.