Nearly 33% of all insurance claims submitted in the United States annually involve broken windshields. An airborne rock, pieces of road debris and hail can do a number of your car’s windshield. One of the worst mistakes you can make when dealing with a broken windshield is ignoring it. The longer you drive around with a crack in your windshield, the harder it will be to avoid additional damage.

Contacting seasoned professionals for windshield repair stayton or is essential when trying to avoid more problems. Once this new windshield has been installed, it is your job to ensure it is properly cared for. Here are things you can do to keep your new windshield in good shape.

Wait To Drive Your Vehicle

During the installation of a windshield replacement St. Charles MO, technicians will use a urethane-based adhesive. This adhesive takes about an hour to properly dry. This means you should avoid driving your vehicle until this drying process is completed. Trying to drive the vehicle before the urethane has dried can result in shifting and other problems that can compromise your new windshield.

Getting auto windshield replacement west loop il quickly and correctly is only possible when working with experienced professionals. Before hiring a company to do this work, be sure to assess their reputation by looking at some of their online reviews.

Avoid Washing Your Car Right Away

One of the main concerns you should have regarding your new windshield after windshield repair salt lake city ut is keeping the seal intact. The best way to avoid problems with seal adhesion is by skipping a car wash for at least 24 hours. The water jets used in most car washes can puncture holes in the seal, which is why they should be avoided.

Are you currently dealing with a broken windshield? If so, it is time to take action and get it replaced with the help of professionals.