Nokian Tyres have built a new tire factory in Dayton, Tennessee. The Scandinavian company is well known for being the inventor of winter tires almost 85 years ago. But today Nokian Tyres has a full range of premium tires for all types of weather and every type of passenger vehicle. The inventor of the winter tire is making tires in the U.S. in order to grow its presence in North American and provide drivers in the region with products that are tailored to their needs, with particular focus on all-season and all-weather tires.

Nokian Tyres’ previous focus was on the winter tire market in North America, but with the new factory opening this year, the company will be more competitive in supplying tires for the bigger all-season tire market. The company claims that its focus will be on larger tire sizes and tires for premium cars. The company’s strong reputation should help it gain market share in the all-season category.

All-season tires are tires are basically summer tires that are optimized to thrive in spring, summer and fall weather. They are not to be used during winter weather in most areas of North America, even though the new Nokian eNTYRE 2.0 has better winter grip than most other all-season tires. Not all states have a winter season, but many drivers in areas that do endure winters aren’t well-prepared for snow and ice. If a snowstorm hits, it is often followed by chaos on the roads, as many drivers don’t have the right tires to provide grip in slippery conditions.

If you live in an area that experiences winter weather, the safest move is to complement your all-season tires with a set of winter tires– also called snow tires – changing tires before and after the winter season. This will ensure you have the proper tires for all conditions.

Summer tires will get hard during low temperatures, as they are designed to perform inmild and hot weather. That means that when temperatures drop close to freezing, you will be stuck with hard tires that don’t comply well with the road surface. The tread design of all-season tires is also not optimized for snow, ice or slush, but rather for dry and wet pavement. As long as you only drive in these circumstances, you will be fine and have a good tire. But if weather conditions change to snow and ice, you should be prepared with tires that are equipped to handle dangerous roads. If you don’t feel like changing tires twice each year, all-weather tiresprovide year-round peace of mind since they’re rated for winter driving.

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