Many commercial vehicle owners engaged in transportation services pay attention to the health condition of their trucks. This causes damage to the truck. So the loss is finally reaped. Actually, how to maintain a truck is relatively simple because it is enough just to follow the maintenance standards that are already in the truck manual. That every truck has a maintenance period. When the truck operation reaches the maintenance period, the truck must have the right to be treated.

Here are some simple and easy tips for truck users to keep their condition healthy and durable in the operation of transporting goods.

  1. Pay attention to the periodic maintenance period.

All trucks have a period or maintenance period. For example, at Hino Motor every truck when it has been operating within a distance of 10 thousand kilometers must have periodic maintenance by changing the air filter or lubricant at a distance of 20 thousand kilometers. Like the cars, adblue mercedes benz is possibilities the examples.

In standard of care, the customer actually knows. Within each kilometer period, the truck’s operation, there are things that need to be maintained or replaced. If you can have a standard of 10 thousand, for example, if you have a distance of 10 thousand, you have to change the filter. If a truck with B20 technology has to replace the fuel filter, these are the basic things that must be considered.

  1. Mandatory inspection or daily inspection from the driver.

This is to turn off the carry truck completely healthy and ready to operate. Daily inspections must be carried out on the tire pressure braking system and the function of other components that can interfere with vehicle operations.

Always do what is called a daily inspection, so before leaving the truck is checked. So the wind pressure level. If the vehicle is still using brake fluid or brake fluid, is there a leak or not? Currently, we don’t use brake fluid because we’ve all used air. So check there is no air leak. Yes, routine checks, like that, must be considered. That’s the driver’s job before leaving.

  1. The driver must be well acquainted with the usefulness of the features on the truck dashboard.

Every feature developed has its function to ease the truck’s performance. Therefore, the driver must really maximize the function of the features of the vehicle. The driver must understand the functions of the features on the vehicle dashboard. Well, actually the key to the vehicle is durable or not, not only from the maintenance but from the driver as well. How does the driving behavior or behavior, how can he adjust the rpm so that it doesn’t over. There (dashboard) there are control functions. If there is an over rpm, so that the car’s screeching sound must be lowered. Or suddenly the engine heats up, he has to look at the heat indicator because of what. For example, you have to stop, don’t continue. In essence, the driver must also care about his vehicle.

By following the instructions for periodic maintenance and running a daily inspection system, the truck will last a long time in its operation. Sometimes drivers focus on operations so they forget to carry out daily maintenance and inspections adblue conversion kits, so that they have operated 30 thousand kilos but have not replaced lubricants or worn parts. This causes the truck to break down quickly.

Many drivers forget routine maintenance and neglect daily inspections, so sometimes when the operation is already 30 thousand kilometers there has been no oil and filter changes. This was discovered after the engine crashed. so these basic things need to be considered in maintaining the health of the vehicle.