Your car is one of your most valuable assets, and you should treat it as such. You might remember to change the oil every 5,000 miles and keep the headlights clear, but what about other aspects of your vehicle? Do you remember those? Here are some fluids that you should never forget to check, especially if you plan on going on a road trip soon. 

  1. Transmission Fluid

Transmission fluid helps lubricate the bearings and metal parts in your vehicle engine’s gearbox, which helps prevent them from grinding together and keeps the transmission cool. If you have an automatic vehicle, the fluid also creates hydraulic pressure and friction to ensure that the entire system moves correctly. Over time, the fluid breaks down and becomes contaminated with debris. Experts recommend checking the levels every 6 months and flushing the system with a transmission service Lynnwood every 40,000 miles. 

  1. Brake Fluid

Brake fluid increases your foot’s force on the brake pedal, which then turns it into pressure on the brake system, allowing the vehicle to stop safely. Without the correct amount of fluid in the system, there won’t be enough pressure in the line to push on the brake pads when you push the brake pedal. A good rule of thumb is to check the brake fluid levels every time you get an oil change or if you ever feel like the brake pedal doesn’t have much resistance to it when you push it. 

  1. Wiper Fluid

It might seem odd to include on this list, but without a clean windshield, you won’t be going anywhere. You never know what might hit your windshield while you’re driving, and you should always be prepared with a tank full of fluid. Another reason to keep fluid in the reservoir is to avoid corrosion of the system. Washer fluid keeps the pump lubricated, and without the fluid, it can start to leak and could completely seize up after time.