Only 100 years ago, in order to communicate with someone on the distance you had to write them a letter and wait for it to arrive weeks later, to meet people, make connections and find a job you had to actually walk out of the house (unbelievable, right?). In other words, the last century has made unbelievable changes for humanity and nowadays, unlike the struggles of the past, a large portion of the world is only trying to make their insanely comfortable lives even more so.

So let’s discuss 3 tools that will make things even more convenient for you and can be great and useful presents for your loved ones.

1.  A Smart Watch

A smart watch is a device worn as a wristwatch that gained popularity in the last decade. Strangely enough, the first smart watch, Pulsar, was created in 1972 and, although it was much different from current models, it was the first watch that could store data. After that many attempts were made and smart watches with different features appeared in the market. Yet, it was when companies such as Samsung and Apple began releasing the smart watches that gained mainstream popularity.

Nowadays, your smart watch can operate as a fitness tracker for you, it can show you important notifications right in front of you. You can also receive and answer calls and messages without pulling out your phone and the technology works well with ‘Smart Homes.’ In short, everything that you need in your daily life is on your hand.

2.  A Heads Up Display for the Car

Cars save us time and energy; two of the most important resources nowadays. Yet, cars can also be dangerous and that is why we need to have tools to be as safe as possible while driving.

A Heads Up Display, commonly known as a car HUD, is a device that projects necessary information in the driver’s line of sight so the driver doesn’t get distracted. Even though you might not see how useful these tools can be, they are a real lifesaver. Unlike many other gadgets, they are extremely easy to install and can be quickly connected to your phone. By doing this, the Heads Up Display car device will project the GPS, phone calls, messages and music on the windshield of the vehicle. On some models, all of this can be controlled by simple hand gestures without directly touching anything so you can focus your attention on the road.

On the other hand, a HUD display shows information about the car, such as speed, that is usually displayed on the dashboard, so you can drive comfortably without looking down every few seconds. These devices provide you with comfort and safety, what more can you ask for?

3.  Portable Wifi Hotspot

As bad as it sounds, living without the internet is a real challenge for most of us. Not only are people addicted to social media, but we also use the internet to stay connected to our friends and family as well as for work. This is why it is important to have a portable Wifi Hotspot on hand. It can be very useful during trips, in the car or during a simple walk. There are many portable Wifi hotspots that can be used in countries around the world with a daily unlimited internet connection.