Teaching your teenagers how to drive is part of teaching them to be responsible adults. It is a major milestone for teenagers but it also presents a challenge for parents. Not only do you have to teach our kids how to operate a car safely, but you also need to teach them the practical aspects of driving. Here are three practical rules you should teach new drivers.

Save for Unexpected Expenses

Car problems happen unexpectedly and if you want to teach your kids to be responsible drivers, you should expect them to pay at least a portion of maintenance and repair expenses. It is also a good idea to teach your teen how to choose a good vehicle repair shop San Rafael CA so he or she knows where to go whenever car problems pop up.

Follow Traffic Laws

While the first thing you probably do when teaching teenagers to drive is explain the importance of following traffic laws, you also need to teach them the specifics of each law. Make sure they understand which laws are national and which ones are specific for your state so they are prepared if they ever travel out of state. What is legal in one state may not be legal in another, so make sure new drivers are prepared.

Know How Your Car Operates

Although most vehicles are similar in how they operate, each one has its own nuances. You should make sure your teenager is completely comfortable behind the wheel of the car they will usually drive. You may also want to let your teen try out several vehicles so he or she can see how they are different.

Teaching teenagers to drive can be stressful, but you will be more confident in their abilities if you teach them the practical aspects of driving in addition to the technical elements of driving. Use these three tips to ensure your teens have a comprehensive driving education.