It’s time to rethink the typical kid’s birthday party. This year, instead of the usual balloon animal making clown or bouncy house rental, why not try something new and unexpected. Below are four different ways to celebrate your child’s next birthday.

  1. Try Something New

Being forced to try something new with parents may not be fun for a kid, but trying something new at a party may be just the right amount of nudge needed. You can take a group of party goers to a gymnastics class, a painting lesson, or even hire boat charters New York to teach them how to catch a fish. New activities are a great bonding experience.

  1. Burn Off Energy

Children are naturally exuberant and adventurous, so rather than take the party to the movies, you should take them somewhere to burn off endless energy. Trampoline parks are very popular nowadays; rock climbing has an air of adventure. There are many places to go that your birthday kid and friends would enjoy.

  1. Be Tourists

Lots of children enjoy learning, so why not visit a local museum, zoo, or place of historical significance for a birthday party. Oftentimes, these places have birthday packages or behind-the-scenes tours to make the day even more special and exciting.

  1. Go Somewhere Special

Not every child wants to have a birthday party. Instead of hosting a party, you could take the birthday boy or girl to a special place out-of-town for the weekend or the day to celebrate. Playing at the beach,  camping in the woods, or exploring a new city are all exciting trips for a family to spend celebrating a birthday at any age.

Make your child’s next birthday one to remember by thinking outside the box to plan an exciting and unexpected party. It may be hard to top next year.