Are you ready for a new vehicle? Many people prefer to trade in their old car when buying something new, hoping to decrease the out-of-pocket cost of the newer model. The value given at the dealership could change based on several factors. The dealers are looking to see the condition and ease of reselling it; therefore, they may look for the following things. Work on these four items to get more in your trade-in deal.

1. Cleanliness

Keep your car clean regularly. Wipe it down, vacuum and clean the seats. It’s easier to sell a vehicle with fewer stains and with better interior condition. Occasionally have it detailed by professionals.  These experts in shampooing Chesterfield VA could eliminate odors and scrub out unsightly blemishes. This cleaning is something to do immediately before seeing the dealer.

2. Exterior Concerns

Over time, your vehicle may have incurred scratches and dents. The more you have of these, the less the dealer may give you. You may have to pay a bit to have these worked out, but it could come back to you with a higher trade-in price. Work with things that are easier on the budget but cosmetically boost appearance.

3. Maintenance Requirements

Your car requires checkups, ensuring the engine and battery work well. Get a general inspection before you see the dealer, understanding what things may need to be functioning better. Get the oil changed, and check on the tires.

4. Necessity

When cars are in demand, your trade-in may be higher, so keep an eye on the market. If you can wait a few months until peak selling season, then you could see better offers.

Trade-in value is essential. You have paid on your current car, and that cost could reduce your next payment’s amount. Wait for the right time, and then be sure that you deliver the vehicle in good condition.

Chrysler Factory Warranty

Infographic Provided by Chrysler Factory Warranty