Paying for a daily car rental service in Singapore allows drivers with no vehicles to travel from various destinations at an affordable price. Depending on your dealer, your agreement can last from one to several days. This option is excellent for people who cannot afford the maintenance costs of having a car.

However, there are plenty of dealers who are attempting to scam people of their money. If you are unaware or it is your first time, you may likely fall into their trap, causing you to spend a significant amount. Fortunately, there are plenty of signs that should warn you of a bad daily car rental service.

If you want to know more, continue reading this article about six signs you are talking to a bad daily car rental service.

6 Signs You’re Talking to a Bad Daily Car Rental in Singapore

1. Outdated Units

It should be obvious that if your dealer is only offering old vehicles, then they aren’t a decent daily car rental service. While it may be cheaper, you might be paying for a model that has outdated GPS equipment, worn appearance, or little to no features common in modern units, such as Bluetooth connectivity and USB ports. Be wary of these dealers, especially if their rental fees are similar to other establishments that offer better vehicles.

2. Steering Wheel is on the Wrong Side

Due to its history with the UK, vehicles in Singapore drive on the left side of the road. Therefore, steering wheels generally follow a right-hand drive. Paying for an electric car rental with a different configuration will provide a harder experience in manoeuvring and travelling to your destination. Therefore, if you want a safe and comfortable journey, ensure that your vehicle follows the right-hand drive control scheme.

3. Unreasonable Extra Charges


Young drivers, or individuals below the age of twenty-five, may be familiar with the extra charges that some, for example, weekend car rental services in Singapore add to their total bill. While the reasoning behind it involves the risks common to young people, other dealers offer vehicles without the extra fee.

However, it is worth noting that you should be sure that you are not a bad driver. After all, the extra cost comes from factual data that young drivers are more prone to accidents. While it isn’t meant as a personal attack against you, you must be aware of why this fee exists. It’s not about you, but rather about your age group. You just so happen to be a part of it.

4. Unknown Charges

In connection with the previous point, reading the terms and conditions before signing is essential to ensure you are aware of the strict rules and restrictions when paying for an electric car rental service in Singapore. However, if your agreement contains fees you don’t understand, ask your dealer for more information. If they refuse or can’t give a solid explanation, back away from the deal as you are most likely about to enter a disadvantageous contract.

It is worth noting that you shouldn’t be quick to dismiss agreements that contain fees you don’t understand. If possible, always attempt to inquire about them to your dealer. Listen attentively while they explain to ensure you learn more about these unfamiliar terms.

5. No Vehicle Inspection Report

Vehicle inspection reports are documents that contain information regarding the overall condition of a unit. It tells the reader about any damage the car may have, such as dents, broken headlights, or scratches. Additionally, it contains results on whether it adheres to safety standards. Therefore, consider your options if a daily car rental service cannot provide you with these documents when acquiring a vehicle. After all, it might just save you from a potential accident or scam.

6. Dealer Does Not Allow Test Drives


Last, like a long term car lease in Singapore, test driving the vehicle is essential in determining whether it suits your preferences. Additionally, it allows you to see if there are potential issues that could be dangerous in the long run. Therefore, a dealer who forbids you from testing the unit may be hiding a flaw. If your insistence seems to be falling on deaf ears, reconsider your option and look for other daily car rental services. After all, there are plenty of other establishments that have better offers.


Getting a daily car rental service in Singapore is an effective way of enjoying the benefits of having a vehicle without the hassle of dealing with its upkeep. Some establishments may offer their units for one day. However, others allow clients to use it for several days. Whatever deal you intend to get, you must be wary of the signs you are talking with a bad dealer. To end this article, here is a quick recap of these six red flags.

First, some dealers offer older and outdated units for customers with tighter budgets. However, be wary of establishments with prices comparable to those of more modern vehicles.

Second, your steering wheel should follow the usual configuration in Singapore. While there are legitimate dealers who offer a left-hand drive control scheme, it is safer to stick to the norm.

Third, avoid signing agreements with unreasonable extra charges. While some of these have factual evidence to support them, it is better to find dealers who don’t charge their customers with these unnecessary fees, provided you are not a reckless driver.

Fourth, be wary of dealers attempting to charge you mysterious fees. While it may be due to your lack of experience, asking for an explanation before signing the contract is advisable. Find another establishment if they fail to justify these extra costs.

Fifth, vehicle inspection reports are your form of assurance that a car has no flaws, such as scratches or dents. Consider looking for another dealer if your daily car rental service fails to show these documents.

Last, test drives allow you to personally inspect the car to ensure that there are no issues. After all, safety should be one of your top priorities in renting a vehicle.

Given these six signs, be sure to remember these once you start looking for a reliable rental service.

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