The problem of recycling used and old cars remains relevant and unsolved until the end, despite the increased attention of our government to it, attempts to create acceptable conditions for the disposal of vehicles by enterprises and individuals by creating a normal legislative framework.

The following documents will come in handy for the disposal procedure:

  • on the right to own a car
  • confirming ownership of the car by the owner over the past 6 months
  • copies of the vehicle passport with marks on the act of putting the car into salvage and deregistration

Amount of discount

The amount of the discount depends on the car you want to dispose of.


The conditions for the disposal of cars in 2020 underwent minor changes compared to the previous year. Now, almost all vehicles with minimal requirements for the tenure and year of production have received access to scrap. In addition, mileage, technical condition, make and model, the country of assembly do not matter. With car removal Mirrakoora options this is the best deal now.

The terms and conditions of the car recycling program are renewed every year by the At the moment, the program has been extended to 2020. According to officials responsible for implementing the program, they are not going to stop exchanging old cars for new ones. The project is relevant and in demand.

Where is the recycling of cars under the state program?

The process of processing cars in America is carried out by several large companies and dozens of small ones.

It is possible to return the car for recycling at the choice of the car owner:

  • at the state car pick-up point (any and absolutely free);
  • in a private company.

Also, the car can be handed over to the nearest scrap metal collection point, but then you can’t count on any certificate, it will also bring a little money.

Independent disposal or disassembly with the subsequent sale of spare parts has also not been canceled. The car is disassembled, and its components are exhibited on sites selling spare parts. The total profit can significantly exceed the real value of the machine.

Expert Advice

The car recycling process must always be completed. As soon as you receive a certificate in your hands that the car has been scrapped, you must definitely go to the MREO STSI and put a mark that the car has been scrapped. If you do not, the car will still be registered on you, taxes will also come. Recently, a citizen appealed, he just had such a situation. It has been quite a while, and the traffic police refused to deregister the car. This issue had to be resolved through the court. There are no other pitfalls, this is the only thing worth paying attention to.