The cable glands are modular solutions that avoid stumbling blocks in matters of industrial safety and in mass events where pedestrian environments converge with temporary installations, light and sound equipment, and mobile satellite transmission units.

In these same environments, works can be developed on the road, sidewalks, and surrounding buildings, which is why it is essential to deploy a heavy-duty cable protector with suitable devices that prevent the risk of trips to pedestrians and vehicles. In this way, dangerous stacks, stampedes of people are avoided, and traffic flow is maintained with safe steps to the vehicles involved.

Cable Ramps Prevent Stumbling In Big Events

If the case with the construction, rehabilitation, or repair of public and private infrastructure all have a denominator, it is security. Whether it concerns industrial safety, in large events, and public and private infrastructure works, risk prevention regulations stipulate what equipment will protect the integrity of people, equipment, and machinery. However, we should consider cable glands, ground gutters, cable protectors, or a 2 channel cable ramp when events are organized for safety.

Without a doubt, music, sound, and audiovisual display are a fundamental part of the success and enjoyment of the celebrations. The electrical installations at private events such as weddings, christenings, communions, parties in general, and business conventions require adequate security and pipelines to ensure safety and aesthetics.

The accessibility is important in any event. We have wheelchair grommets, cable protection for pedestrians, speed humps that support large-tonnage trucks, and underground grommets that can be buried in the ground. The grommets are modular solutions that help to ensure that investment in security is a cost-effective solution. This is because improving competitiveness involves optimizing budgets by minimizing the cost of repairs and incidents that have an impact on efficiency, productivity, and enjoyment.