A brake system for your vehicle constitutes to be one of the most crucial aspects of its safety system. But yet people do not know every exact detail about the system and search for answers on its working and maintenance. Below are listed a few questions that the technicians commonly hear always:

  • What is meant by Anti-Lock Brake System? How is it helpful?

The general brake systems require the brake pads to get slammed against the automobile system to put the car in halt. In case of Anti-Lock Brake System of ABS, it pumps the brakes very swiftly to slow down the motion of the vehicle. This smooth pumping enables the driver to maintain grasp and control over the moving car before it gradually comes to a complete halt. This technology becomes very helpful in times of emergencies.

  • What should be the frequency to Replace Brake Pads?

The driving habits and the type of vehicle in use determine how often should the brake pads be changed. To help them last longer, it is wise to avoid slamming them and help get to a gradual stop. Also, to maintain safety, once a year replacement is advisable.

  • What do the Grinding or Squeaking sounds in the brake mean? Do they require replacements?

The grinding noises while pulling the brakes already indicate you or your vehicle to be in a trouble. This noise indicates that the brake parts are colliding against each other and coming in contact with the rotors inside the system. This can in its cause a lot of damage to the system and by default increase the cost of repairs hugely. Again, it is advisable to opt for replacements once a year to prevent the brake pads getting too thinned down.

  • Does the Brake Fluid need to get changed?

It is a common suggestion to get fluid replacements once the vehicle travels 30,000 miles. Brake fluid is the hydraulic fluid that allows the swift movement of the brakes even in high temperature and pressure. To maintain it, the system needs to get flushed every couple of years.

  • Is every Brake the same?

Not every brake system is the same and the cheaper ones tend to break off under extreme pressure and heat. Hence technicians only advise using quality parts that last longer.

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