The concept of living a life on the road is becoming an ideal plan for many families. The reasons behind it may vary, but all of them are valid.

For couples, they would choose short buses. Prominent families who have kids in tow opt for skoolies and big buses. And for people who want to live an extraordinary life on wheels, they’d never pass up the chance to pick out a double-decker bus.  

Can a double-decker become a home? Oh yes, it’s slowly turning into a trend these days, and it’s not hard to see why. Imagine you are in a motorhome that can take you anywhere you want and complete all the necessities you need? It’s travel and comfort rolled into one. It is undoubtedly the perfect life, to be honest!

Why convert to a motorhome rather than a customary one?

Who would not wish to find a place to call their home? Through many years, people visualized a life of having a house, a yard, and pets to enjoy and live in until they grow old. 

But, what if you’ll find an enticing alternative to have a home on wheels? Aside from the soaring rents or financial tie-ups, everyone hates owning a customary property. The double-decker bus motorhome grants many benefits you’ll surely love!

One of the most common reasons for converting to a trailer-like life is rent or house expenses. Living your life day after day and spending your income on rent payments and mortgages can burn anyone out.

When you opt to find a converted double decker bus for sale, many different opportunities for new beginnings come your way.

Two floors of astonishing awesomeness!

As you’d know, the double-decker bus is on two floors. It’s practically like a two-story house, and only it’s better! The cost of these buses may come as a surprise, as most decommissioned units are priced from $3500 and up! That is, in truth, a great deal! Buses like these are spacious, and you can expect to enjoy every space of more than 14 feet in height, 32 in length by 8.3 feet in width.

Floor plans are crucial to make the most out of the bus as it transforms into a fantastic home. Since you’ll have a bigger space, you can design a house with a kitchen, living room, master bedroom, toilet, sink, shower, bathtub, lots of storage areas, and even a walk-in closet!

 It’s going to be an excellent experience!

It will be, especially when you’re new to the journey. Having zero background when in terms of building and even designing the bus, expect to be overwhelmed. 

Initially, you can do DIY or let professionals do everything. However, when you start cleaning the bus and making a floor plan with your family, it becomes an incredible experience on its own.

Before you embark on the journey to convert a double-decker bus, do study and research the renovation process. Prepare yourself. You will need a lot of support on this, may it be friends, family, and experts, but when it’s all completed, everything is worth it.