Safeco’s auto insurance policies are among the best in the business. Right after getting a license, the next thing you need to hit the roads is a solid car insurance. Numerous Safeco auto insurance reviews on the internet share the same opinion: Safeco is a company you can trust, both on grounds on safety and netting hefty discounts on said policies. Having the right insurance is absolutely critical when it comes to taking care of your home and car. That’s where the Safeco Package comes into the picture.

It offers the best value for your money at your convenience, with impressive coverage across a variety of situations. It lets you insure both your car and your home at a reasonable cost. Here’s why you should absolutely opt for the Safeco Package.

Massive Savings

Cutting costs is the name of the game here. Combine your home and auto policies to net a discount of up to 25 percent. In the event that your car, motorcycle, boat or pickup truck is damaged in the same event as your home, you may only need to pay one deductible. This can range from natural disasters to mishaps that could happen to anyone’s home and vehicle. After you pay one deductible, you’ll have the option to waive off the other deductible. A pretty neat deal to help soften the blow.

Convenient Policies

Convenience is something Safeco promises and delivers. You get to pick between a six month and an annual renewal for your auto policy. This lets you align the renewal dates of both your policies. And this lets you track how much your payments will be, one year later. Combined billing statements reduce the hassle of paying for two different policies individually, boosting efficiency. This handily cuts down the paperwork and keeps things simple. One envelope for multiple policies. Convenience at its finest.

Flexible Plans

Pick from a variety of coverage options, home and auto policies tailored to your needs and requirements. Boost your coverage with optional enhancements like equipment breakdown coverage or Roadside Assistance. This lets you protect yourself in the event of an unfortunate incident. Further, get hassle-free service at any time on any day of the year. Safeco values your time and your safety.

Positive Safeco auto insurance reviews aside, the Safeco Package adds home insurance into the mix to offer a convenient and flexible solution to those seeking home and auto insurance. With several optional coverages that cater to a plethora of needs, it’s a solid bet. Every policy adheres to the norms and restrictions enforced by the state. Ask your local independent agent for more information. They’ll assist you with respect to picking out the right set of coverages and policies for your needs. The best combination of coverage, value and price awaits. A package that guarantees to meet your ever-evolving needs, at the right price. Invest in a Safeco insurance policy today to keep your home and car secure!