More than half of all American households have a dog as a pet. With this large potential customer base, starting a mobile dog grooming business is a smart idea. Here are some tips to get your company started.

Purchase the Right Equipment

If you are bringing the dog wash to your customer, you need a vehicle to carry this for you. Cargo trailers Delaware are a perfect solution for this.
These enclosed trailers can be outfitted with a washing tub, generator, a drying station and storage for all your supplies.If not, you can find portable generators for rent easily on portals like since they are a common tool for businesses that are mobile.Depending on the size of the trailer, it can be pulled by a small pick-up or crossover vehicle, and it’s easy enough to get into most driveways and residential streets.

Choose a Fun Name

Put some thought into the name of your company. You want people to know what you do by your business name to make it not only memorable but fast and easy to attract new customers. Then choose a logo that demonstrates your business and is attractable to your customers. Your logo is on your website, business cards and marketing materials, so make sure it is exactly what you want before finalizing it.

Advertise Effectively

Getting your business name out into the local community through advertising is the best way to get new customers. As a small business, there are many affordable ways to do this. Different social media sites have advertising options, and you can look for local pet social media groups to post your website to. Also, consider looking for a local community newspaper or magazine that offers affordable publishing. Another exciting way to advertise is to vinyl wrap your vehicle or trailer with your company name and logo. This is great because as you drive around town to existing clients, your trailer does your advertising for you.