The 2023 Camaro from Chevrolet is as powerful as its previous models. However, this generation trim comes with even better styling and better aspects in some parts of the powertrain. It is a mesmerizing vehicle that people can use on track as well as for regular driving purposes. To own one, you need to talk to the sales team when reaching Roxboro Chevrolet dealership.

A few things to know about your next Camaro

It is a powerful vehicle and therefore one should know about its engine and performance capability. Also, a buyer should be aware of its interior and pricing to check whether it fits all the requirements that he/she has.

Camaro’s power

The entry trim comes with a four-cylinder engine that gets 275 horses and its manual mode is quite quicker than what most people expect. It is a great machine but when someone is buying a Camaro, he/she tries to opt for the best in the lineup.

The second option is a V6 engine that delivers 335 hp and the entire car’s characteristics change drastically when compared with the base model. With a spine-chilling soundtrack, this car wins many hearts whether on the road or track.

However, the Camaro everyone wants is the one with V8 small-block engine. It decimates its rivals on track through sheer power; it delivers 455 lb-ft of torque and 455 ponies. Its quick acceleration is quite amazing along with low-end torque to offer something more than what people bargain for when buying a Camaro.

There are several options when it comes to the transmission of this vehicle. The first one is a manual 6-speed that is standard. Apart from it, people can choose an automatic 8-speed for the base trim. Also, the V6 & V8 engines can be mated with an automatic 10-speed transmission that makes this car even quicker in acceleration.

Most people choose to get the 1LE option for their vehicles as it helps in transcending Camaro’s class. This package comes with power steering that assists in having an accurate response. In addition, people get Brembo brakes that are ideal for track racing.


The interior offers much improvement when compared with its earlier generation models. The 2023 version comes with a modern look and upscale materials. A simple layout and highly comfortable seating allow people to enjoy every ride. Wireless smartphone integration, Wi-Fi hotspot, responsive feedback, etc. are just some of the features that you can enjoy when dealing with a vehicle. If you want to learn about the interior, then visit Roxboro Chevrolet dealer.

Camaro’s cost

The entry trim 1LS starts from $27,795; however, when buying a car of this statute you need to get 1SS or 2SS model as it comes with a V8 engine and all the other features that you can imagine. Camaro’s 1SS start from $41,295 and 2SS costs $46,295.

This is just a brief of what you should know about your next Camaro. It is an amazing piece of machinery that will offer supreme performance even if an individual buys the base trim. So, scout your preferred trim and bring it home!