There are a lot of tradies out there that have been struggling in their efforts to maximise the storage space in their vehicles.  For those starting out, capital may be the primary issue, so the need for carrying a lot of equipment may not be as critical.  However, forward thinking is a good trait for anyone in business.  This is why it is important that we take a look into van storage drawers to maximise space.

To begin, van drawers can be used in any type of van; side or rear loading types.  The concept is to take the space that is currently not being used efficiently and transform it into something that maximises your space for the items you want to carry.

What are you going to transport?

This is going to be different for person.  Some people will need to transport tools and supplies while others will transport products and supplies.  Once you are able to determine what it is you are going to be transporting, you can pick out the best van storage drawers for your needs.

Overhead storage

One area that most people don’t think about or don’t really utilise is going to be your overhead storage.  What this means is that there will sometimes be some area over your head that you can use to hold pipes, wood or other items that is high enough that you won’t hit your head and will just be wasted if not used.

When working with overhead storage you want to be careful that it doesn’t shift.  If it shifts then it could knock into other items causing a mess.  So, make sure that you have this content secured.  Also, if you don’t want to store items, you might want to install hooks or other shelving that could be used to hang items from the overhead section.

Underneath storage

Like overhead storage, utilising space under a van floor for storage is an often overlooked option. Drawers installed under a false floor are ideal for stowing tools or smaller supplies efficiently while saving valuable floor space for heavier items. Typically, a false carpeted floor is installed in the van that holds the drawer system.


No matter what you use for your van drawers you want to make sure that you have safety in mind; that means having items secured, bolted down and behind a netting or other system.  Before opening your doors to your van, make sure that noting has shifted or fallen out in transport.

Sketch out your ideas

A great place to get started is to sketch out your ideas, then checkout places that specialise in van storage, like Best Off Road.  A good vendor will have a broad selection of choices and should even be able to translate the ideas you sketched out into a customised storage system. Whether a side or rear entry van, great options exist for storage drawer systems that will maximise the space in your van and improve your efficiency, too.