Auto accidents can happen in almost any way, but some accidents are far more common than others. Whether it is the result of negligence on one driver’s part or both, knowing where to turn to for auto repairs is essential. First, you need to understand what kind of accident you’re dealing with and how that might affect your final bill. Here are the most common types of auto accidents that happen on the road today. To find a great auto repair shop, google excellent repair shops near you (like “auto damages Lakewood CO”).


Almost everyone knows someone who has been in a rear-end collision. These kinds of crashes occur when someone fails to stop in time and runs into the car in front of them. Sometimes these accidents happen in slow motion, like when someone is crawling up to a red light and overestimates the amount of space between them and the car in front of them. Other times, these accidents can happen at high speed with major consequences. Usually, rear-end collisions happen because someone wasn’t paying attention or was tailgating.


These accidents occur when one car passes in front of another and they hit each other in a T shape. T-bone accidents frequently happen in intersections. They can be the fault of only one or both drivers. People involved in a T-bone accident are more vulnerable to injury since one car strikes an unprotected door. These types of accidents can also lead to major vehicle damage.  


Sideswipe collisions most often occur when one person merges into a lane when another car is already there. Since both cars are moving in the same direction, these accidents normally don’t lead to serious damages or injuries (though they can under certain circumstances). Sideswipes generally result from the merging driver not checking their blind spot.