Aircon systems are responsible for creating a comfortable stay in the car during the hot season. In addition to cooling the air to the optimum temperature, this system helps to dry it, which is vital in humid weather, preventing fogging of the glasses.

The condition of the air conditioning system affects the comfort of the driver and passengers of the car. If you own a BMW car, it is crucial to check its aircon system regularly to make sure there are no problems. At the slightest sign of a malfunction, it is recommended to opt for the BMW aircon services soonest possible.

Depending on the signs, it may be necessary to refuel the car air conditioner or repair it. If the system has stopped cooling the air or is unstable, its power has decreased, or an oil leak has been detected, the problem can be solved by refueling the air conditioner. If you smell an odor with signs of burning, the system makes strange noises, and water is dripping from the device. Or the system is not working; you should consider repairing the air conditioner.

Common causes of breakdowns include;

  • Compressor failure,
  • Leakage and depressurization of the system, and
  • Malfunctions in the electronics.

Also, the air conditioner may not work, because freon is over – this is the first thing to check while carrying out BMW aircon service in Manly.The highest frequency of calls is in the spring. This is due not only to the need refueling to a period of high temperatures but also the downtime of the climate system. Condensation accumulates in it when stored on the street. Pipes may freeze, due to the lack of load, the elasticity of hoses and tight joints decreases, leaks occur.

Damage to the compressor is associated with fatigue wear, external influences (impacts).

For the need to repair the car’s air conditioner to occur as rarely as possible, timely, undergo diagnostics and maintenance.

Today, air conditioning is almost standard equipment for new cars. People are happy to use it, especially on long tracks during the holiday season. For the air conditioner to work effectively, a sufficient amount of refrigerant is circulated in the system after installation.

If you notice that the air conditioning in the car already does not produce cold enough, and a trip in the summer heat, then this is the first sign of a freon leak.

BMW aircon service specialists in Manly will conduct a professional diagnosis of the air conditioning system in your BMW car using modern equipment. And refuel the air conditioner with a high-quality freon. Experts will do everything as soon as possible and with a guarantee of quality.

How to avoid costly auto repair

The air conditioning system is a rather expensive device, and therefore, timely refuelling of an air conditioner is a reasonable and profitable business. With high-quality maintenance of the air conditioning system, an excellent microclimate is guaranteed. The main thing is to visit a reputable company dealing with BMW aircon service promptly and use the services of competent specialists.

Driving comfort is coupled with a sound air conditioning system. Even with regular maintenance and gentle operation, periodic repair of an air conditioner is inevitable.