Tyres form as one of the vital parts of the car. However, tyres remain to be one of the most neglected ones as drivers overlook and fail to check them routinely, thus generating some serious outcomes. Compromising on the health of the tyre not only gives rise to the deterioration of the vehicle performance but also puts you in the higher risks of road accidents. 

If you wish to keep your vehicle running for years sans any problem, then you should keep a strict check on your tyres. 

3 Simple Guidelines On How To Keep Your Tyres Rolling For Years

  • Monitor The Pressure Almost Everyday

The pressure of the tyre is directly proportional to how your steering works and moves, the mileage, braking and also handling. In case your car tyres are over or under-inflated, there is a possibility of acceleration in the consumption of fuel, which in turn makes them prone to wear and tear. 

In worst-case scenarios, wrong pressure in the tyres all damages the control of your car. If you wish to eliminate any kind of risk, it is essential to ensure that you check and monitor the tyre pressure every month either by your gauge or at a nearby petrol station.

  • See For The Unusual Wear And Tear And The Damage Signs

It is always advisable for the drivers to check the tyres and identify the signs of damage or any wear and tear. This comprises bulges, cuts, and other things that might have to lead to the tyre puncture. If you see and identify any of these signs, get it checked immediately by a skilled technician and opt for repairmen if required. In many cases, the tyre begs for a replacement.

  • Ensure There Are Adequate Treads

The treads of the tyre can have a direct consequence on how your car is performing, especially in bad weather. The minimum depth of a tread is 1.6mm, hence you must ensure that the tread doesn’t drop below this point. In case the tread depth is below this point, you need to change the tyre sans any second thoughts. 

It must be kept in mind that driving with tread below this point can cause your car a failed MOT test, besides being illegal.

These were a few of the essential ways and guidelines to keep your tyres in good condition and help it keep rolling for a long time. For more ideas and expert tips to have long-lasting tyres, you can refer to https://carro.sg/blog/top-6-tips-and-advice-for-longer-lasting-tyres/.