Proximity does not guarantee anything. It’s handy, but if the school bike is bad, you’ll lose more time because the lessons are of poor quality, than to do a few kilometers to join a good motorcycle school. So, it may be better to “lose” half an hour of transportation to join a good one than to go to the one that is five minutes from your home. Now that you can make the best moto you can have the best deals.

The price

There are still many promotions of the type “Your license for 500 euros”. Do not fool yourself: there is no miracle recipe. The motorcycle license is not given. It requires training on plateau / track and in circulation and by any type of weather. You have never done a motorcycle? plan for thirty hours rather than the mandatory twenty-hour hours. In any case, depending on the motorcycle school, the twenty hours of initial packages can be transformed into thirty, forty, fifty hours or more. And the license will then cost you a lot, because any hour outside the initial / minimum package often costs double. One hour of license costs between 35 and 55 euros depending on the motorcycle school.

Aprilia Shiver 900

Roadster ultra versatile, the Shiver is one of the few to offer such road capabilities. Even at 47.5 hp, this bike has enough torque to take you away, alone or in pairs, without suffering. The saddle, the position and the space on board are very suitable. And the Shiver is far from boring on small sports outings with its 896cc V2.

Do you want to roll “different”? Out of the question to walk on the handlebars of the machine of Mr. Everyone? Bingo.

The Shiver is for you! Between the shock absorber placed in the side position and its exhausts located under the saddle, impossible to go unnoticed. Updated in 2017, it is gaining approval engine and its part-cycle is reassuring. If its price places it among the most expensive machines of the category, it justifies its price by its quality of finish and its rather complete equipment.

KTM Duke 390

Valuable despite its small engine capacity, equipped with technology that is usually found on motorcycles much more powerful, and ultra compact, the Duke 390 is the motorcycle “toy” par excellence. The pleasure is above all, preferably on small winding roads. The precision offered by the cycle part is excellent and its lightness makes it a real blade. In addition, with 44 hp, this bike A2 offers ideal power, without having to undergo any clamping.

The Duke 390 is the bike on which I started as soon as I got my motorcycle license. Its strong point is without a doubt its lightness! Its small single-cylinder engine is voluntary and fits perfectly with the Austrian brand’s Ready to Race philosophy. Like her older sister, she offers a relatively straight driving position, pulling towards that of a supermotard. Well equipped, it has a very complete control screen. Only downside: its dimensions identical to those of the 125 can pass for a “small bike”.

KTM Duke 690

Big sister of the Duke 390, the KTM Duke 690 offers the best of what an A2 motorcycle can offer. Part-cycle at the height of very sporting ambitions, the keyword is efficiency. In a flanged version, the 690 gives up 30 hp to be A2 compatible. But she continues to benefit from the important torque of her large single cylinder and a high-end finish.