It does take some thoughtful consideration to be made before signing up for Full motorcycle training to be done. Some of those thoughts should be placed on just how long the course will take, exactly what it is the modules are comprised of and of course, just what will your bike license then cost you. The good news is that we at the Motoden do actually do things a bit differently than those that offer fast track courses with no flexibility at all and those that give you a license fee of anywhere up to L800 or so. Here we provide our clients with a “pay-as-you-go” option that permits them to maintaining the rest of their lives and not having to put everything else on hold.

Just like other training facilities, we begin our Full motorcycle training course with CBT or Compulsory Basic Training. As far as the registration fee, on a weekend day you will pay L140 while on a day during the week you will pay L130. More good news is that everything required to complete the training module is included in this fee. Of course you should be alert to the fact that a complete day of your undivided attention will be required by your CBT training. You should also try to keep in mind the following points as you embark upon your CBT:

.You are going to require to have some basic knowledge about just how to operate a motorcycle
.To complete CBT, both parts of a UK license are going to be required(photo card and paper counterpart)
.Doing your CBT on a geared bike is the best choice because this will enable you later on to then ride either automatic or geared

Booking a theory test at the nearest DSA centre is the next step you need to take in your Full motorcycle training to visit the DSA website which is And searching mock tests online is one of the best ways to get prepared for the test. You can find mock tests online at several different websites. Keep in mind that the better you prepare will make it far less likely you will encounter difficult problems when you actually take the official exam.

After you have completed your CBT training and your theory test, you can then arrange to take 2 days of motorcycle training here at Motoden. The charge for this training will be L300. Of course you should be looking to get the sort of training that will work best you any near future travel needs you may be contemplating. You should be aware that the available three training options are:

A1 license

  • minimum age of 17
  • automatic 125cc scooter
  • able to carry passengers
  • restricted to a 125cc scooter only
  • “L plates” can be removed

Staged Access

  • 125cc geared motorcycle
  • if you are age 17 and pass the test, at 19 you can progress to 400cc and at 21 you can progress to 600cc
  • can remove “L plates”
  • able to carry passengers

Direct Access

  • You have to be 24 years of age or older
  • can directly take the 600cc test
  • any motorcycle of your choice you will be able to ride

After training for any of these mentioned options has been completed, you can then talk to your trainer about whether or not you are then ready to take your module. When you have spent with your trainer two days, she or he are going to be able to tell just where it is your head is at.

There is a cost of L15 when your module 1 test comes and it will contain an emergency stop and an off-road element with swerves. If it is a smaller bike that you will be completing the test on, you will be able to to get to the testing centre by driving yourself. If it is a larger bike you will be doing the test on you are going to have to have your instructor offer you a ride.

After the first module for Road Glide Motorcycles lake elsinore CA completed you can then make the decision whether you are comfortable moving on to module 2 or whether you would rather sign up for additional training. All in all it will take about a half a day to get through the entire process and the cost will be L100.

The module 2 test has a more “old school” approach and will cost you L75. An examiner will observe your skills as you take to an open road. Via intercom, they will direct you where to go and the whole process is going to take you about 40 minutes or so. Just as with the module 1 test, you can travel alone if your bike is a 125cc but if you are doing the test on a larger bike you will have to travel with your trainer. A half a day will be required to get things done and the fee will be the same as the module 1 test.