There are five main features about the BMW line of prestigious automobiles that make them stand out from the crowd and give them enormous appeal to a multitude of potential buyers and drivers. Few, if any, other auto manufacturers can offer such a superb and exciting combination of features. This is a fantastic car because it builds quality to pick up second hand with car finance (make sure you compare car finance to get the best deal). Let’s look at the 5 main reasons you should be behind the wheel of a BMW.

  1. Styling

So many aspiring BMW drivers simply fall in love with the elegant and sumptuous styling of every single model. The curves and body panels have such a cool and unique design all their own. And the front grille with its two square panels in the center make any BMW immediately identifiable to every other motorist. The glossy paint, flashy wheels and aggressive tires also greatly contribute to the beautiful style of these one-of-a-kind road machines.

  1. Performance

BMW Performance

The power, agility and braking abilities of a BMW just may be the best in the entire automotive industry. Its acceleration from a standing start as well as its tremendous top end speeds and stability make a BMW in a class by itself. It’s an enormous feeling of both physical and emotional pleasure and excitement to feel the forceful rush of cruising down a highway or driving through a narrow, winding road in such a capable and highly engineered vehicle.

  1. Luxury

BMW Car Styling

There’s no question that another main reason for a BMW’s immense appeal to so many drivers is it’s exquisite luxuriousness inside. The large seats just seem to grip drivers and passengers with such comfortable cushioning plus lateral and lumbar support that it makes drivers and passengers want to sit inside the vehicle forever. The steering wheel is perfectly designed and the ergonomics of the dashboard and gear shift layout are delightful to both look at, touch and use. This luxury gives off such a rich sensation of pleasure.

  1. Status Symbol

bmw status symbol

Owning one of today’s current crop of BMWs is one of the rarest status symbols any driver could possibly attain compared to owning any other motorcar. Driving a BMW down any road or parking it in an owner’s driveway or even pulling up to a fancy restaurant inside one makes so many envious heads turn. This gives drivers and passengers an enormously pleasurable feeling of immense success and achievement in their lives. They feel like they’ve finally arrived in the world and they’re so proud to show their BMW off to as many people as possible because it makes them feel so good.

  1. High Resale Value

Since BMWs are expensive to purchase, owners feel very secure and comfortable knowing that they’re going to get the majority of their money back when it comes time to sell or trade it in. Few other vehicles hold their monetary value as substantively as a BMW. Most other cars depreciate extremely quickly, but BMWs do not. That’s why they’re such great investments. It’s a superb feeling for BMW owners knowing that their vehicles will be coming very close to earning back their initial cost no matter how many years an owner decides to keep one of these outstanding vehicles.