Two-wheelers have always been a huge acquisition in the automobile sector since they entered the market. People started to craze over them which led to huge competition in this sector internationally. There were many transitions and ups and downs that took place during the viral change in the economy due to the two-wheeler. But only in their early stages in the past 2 decades, two-wheelers are leading the automobile sector.

History of two-wheelers:

During the late 1940s and 50s was the time two-wheelers were introduced in India for military service and were seen here and there for general purpose. Only during the ’80s two-wheelers began to work for regular purpose use and the ’90s was the time it reached its wider point and started to grow bigger. Teenagers and women started to use two-wheelers for regular routines as they felt two-wheelers were more convenient than public transport.

Market Transition:

As the demand for two-wheelers started to grow different companies launched their brand two-wheelers and made it more competitive. As it gave buyers more choice for satisfaction and the market started to grow. As of now, we are one of the top five two-wheeler producers in the world. Because of the economic structure of our country, many people do multiple jobs which leads to lots of traveling and two-wheelers are more helpful with it. It is seen that in most of the house each member has a two-wheeler that is how the demand for a two-wheeler runs.

Types of a two-wheeler:

Because of the competitive sector, we get more choices among two-wheelers every type has a value and style that suits its road type and capacity. Majorly not all two-wheelers are all-purpose but generally, two-wheelers are split in two as

  • Scooters
  • Motorbikes

These are the most likable differentiation that even a small kid can understand.


Scooters are scooty, in short, are comparatively used by women a lot more than men. It is also said that scooters were the starting point of women riding two-wheelers. Conditionally they are very lightweight and best suited for Indian roads. To say so an 110cc scooty with its valuable features is better for regular use in a budget family.


Motorbikes have many varieties among them and there has always been a huge craze for them among youngsters. Either a dream or need motorbikes always have their place in automobiles. There are many features that are seen in a bike that adds quality to it and where it runs. For example, hero splendor plus new model 2019 was the best choice for a regular use bike as of its fuel-efficient features. Likewise, each type of bike has features that define its capacity to run.

There are many such as cruisers, adventure bikes, mountain bikes, and many more types in a motorbike. But we must plan correctly before choosing whether the bike will suit our budget and style as we grew more towards the new age and having more choice about it is good enough.