While many would think that importing a car into Australia is actually a complicated process, things are actually quite simple if you happen to know what you are doing. Surely there are a lot of regulations that you might have to follow, however, with this easy guide, that will be as easy as it can possibly get.

Do some research on your desired car

The most important thing to consider when you are importing a car into Australia, is if the car is actually eligible at all for import. While there is an age restriction on pretty much all vehicles, due to safety and pollution, certain cars are not allowed into Australia, even if they are not that old.

Consulting with a professional, such as Dazmac Logistics who happen to be doing importing of all kinds of vehicles into Australia for years, is a pretty good idea. You can also consult with a different local importing company.

Cost fees

If you happen to be importing a car on a tight budget, then you certainly want to check out cars that don’t have importing fees that are too high. Most of the cars will only have a few percent tax fee, but there is a category you want to look out for if you want to save money.

The thing you want to look out for the most when it comes to the price of importing, is if your car is considered a luxury car. You can easily find a list of cars that belong in this category, and you might want to avoid importing them if you are low on money.

Luxury cars usually have big importing fees

Paperwork for ownership

There are different rules that apply to cars that you have just purchased, and cars that you have already owned in a foreign country that you are considering to import into Australia. It is very important to check out what are the requirements to consider the car legally yours in the country of origin. This is the part that involves most of the paperwork.

Choosing the shipping options

Naturally, you want your car to arrive to your destination in the best condition possible, and probably as fast as possible. It is very important to choose the correct shipping method, that will not only keep your car safe, but also clean as well, as Australia has some very strict policies when it comes to environment.

The best thing to do in order to avoid any problems is to check out professional shipping car from Australia to New Zealand with Dazmac or a similar company that has been doing organized importing of vehicles for years in order to make things go smoothly.

Cargo boxes are the safest way of shipping

Final Word

With the correct research, getting your car into Australia should really not be a problem. It is also very important to register the vehicle once it arrives to Australia, as the registration from the old country is not going to be valid.