Having your car break down is a drag, but your tow truck does not have to be. The two major types of towing are pull-behind and flatbed. There are several reasons to forgo a pull-behind tow and opt for a flatbed tow.

1. Better Protection

Using flatbed towing experts Farmingdale NY can help protect your vehicle. Having your vehicle elevated prevents uneven tire wear, rock damage, and excessive jostling. Hoisting the front tires of the ground is particularly dangerous for wrecked vehicles. The risks and uneven wear are especially problematic if you are moving long distances.

2. More Convenient

Getting a vehicle on a flatbed is quick and convenient. If the vehicle runs, you simply drive it up ramps and secure it. Vehicles that don’t run can be cranked up. Other types of towing are more complicated because the car’s drive shaft often needs to be removed to avoid transmission damage.

3. Higher Versatility

There is virtually no limit on the type of vehicle that a flatbed tow truck can move. Whether you have a car, truck, motorcycle, or van, a flatbed will get you where you’re going. If your vehicle had an unfortunate accident and is misshapen, it can still be transported on a bed. On the other hand, misshapen vehicles often cannot be secured and pulled behind traditional tow trucks.

4. All-Wheel Drive Friendly

Towing an all-wheel-drive vehicle with a dolly is problematic. The back tires are not free spinning, so the transmission can become damaged from spinning the back tires independently of the front. The towing miles may also run the odometer up. Calling a flatbed truck is much more all-wheel-drive friendly.

When it comes to ordering a tow truck, be sure to make the right choice. Flatbeds are safe, convenient, versatile, and compatible with all-wheel drive vehicles.