In one’s desire to get a rock crusher for sale, one must be well informed about the types of crushers that are available and the one that will best suit what you are getting a rock crusher for sale to do. It has been established that a rock crusher is equipment that is used to crush rocks into smaller pieces as small as turning big rocks into small sand particles, that is the capability of this great equipment called rock crusher. There are about three types of rock crushers Jaw crushers, Roller crushers, Stone, and Gyratory crushers, all these are different types of rock crushers for sale. We will be looking at the composition of different types of rock crushers and things they are capable of doing and what makes them different from each other.

JAW CRUSHER: This type of rock crusher is known as the oldest type and one of the simplest types of rock crusher for sale. A jaw crusher looks like a giant collapsible V made out of two metal walls and the two metal walls are very close at the bottom as they are further apart from each other at the top of the machine. One part of the wall is usually held still while the other part is closed against the still wall and the closing against happens usually about three times in a second. When the rock has been placed and is enclosed, the jaw crusher begins the crushing from top to bottom until it is a small particle released from beneath, and because it is tapered, the rocks are crushed into smaller particles as they go down to the bottom.

ROLLER CRUSHER: These types of rock crushers are usually used at the second stage of crushing. It is a common type of crusher with the feature of two large metal rollers that are rotating in opposite directions to each other, as rocks are been fed into this type of rock crusher for sale, the two rollers rotate and begin to crush and drop the smaller particles on the ground. As said early they are used at the secondary stage of crushing, as small pre-crushed rocks are fed into it and then breaks them down into the gravel.

STONE AND GYRATORY CRUSHERS: These types of crushers work in almost the same way. The rock is placed into the topmost chamber of the machine into the spinning grinder at the bottom where the grinding happens. As the rock continues to fall down the smaller and smaller particles become through grinding until it gets out of the machine’s bottom.