One of the best cars from Acura is the 2022 RDX due to its stylish design, generously equipped with luxurious features, fun-to-drive aspect, and affordability. These are the reasons why people love this luxury crossover vehicle.

Thus, before you decide anything, ensure knowing about the changes in the 2022 model and certain details of this automobile as well as its price before reaching Nellis AFB Acura dealership. So, take a look at these aspects in detail below!

Changes in 2022 Acura RDX

The new 2022 Acura RDX comes with a slight facelift to make it look even more stylish than its ancestors. Some of these changes include tweaks made on the grille of this SUV along with the front bumper’s massive air intakes and rectangular-shaped exhaust tips with a transformed rear bumper.

Moreover, Acura is offering two color options for the 2022 version; one is a Violet Phantom Pearl and Liquid Metallic Carbon. Both these new colors look amazing and its interior is also upgraded according to match each variant.

The interior of 2022 RDX now has several optional and standard tech features. Every trim will have wireless Android Auto and Apple CarPlay connectivity along with an integration of Amazon Alexa. Also, for smartphone charging a wireless pad is being offered. The Technology version of RDX does come equipped with ambient lighting for its interior that comprises 27 colors, which is something that makes people have a classy and upbeat vibe to it.

Moreover, Acura decided to bring back PMC Edition variants for this year’s RDX. However, there are only 200 units available for people. In addition, it has a sophisticated exterior color of Blue Pearl and an Orchid color scheme is set for the interior.

These are the most changes or transformations that anyone will be able to notice when opting for 2022 Acura RDX. Small changes are also made to this automobile that offers better performance. If you want to know it all, contact Nilles AFB Acura dealer immediately.

Price set for this car

Five trims are offered to people, which starts with the standard option at $40,345. The Technology trim costs $42,995, while A-Spec is available at $45,995, Advance at $50,345, and PMC Edition at $55,295.

Opting for the Advance or PMC Edition is the way to go as they are loaded with features and provides people with several luxurious features that might be missing from the rest. Also, costs of these two are quite reasonable when compared with any other luxury vehicle. Therefore, people should at least check out this vehicle’s exterior as well as interior before deciding whether they need it or not.

If you are planning to buy a luxurious SUV, then the 2022 Acura RDX won’t disappoint. From having ample power in its powertrain to comfortable travelling and a smooth ride, this car delivers it all. Hence, all you need is to visit a dealership and get all the details about its powertrain, performance, changes made, and more. Once satisfied, take a test run and then buy it!