Tours with chauffeurs are among the most effective ways to travel around France. Learn more about the reasons to hire an individual driver to travel in France.

A key step when designing your trip to France by using Travel Limousines is deciding on the type of trip you want to take. The chauffeur-driven tours are designed for people who want to experience all that France offers without the stress of driving. With a private chauffeur in France you don’t have to be concerned over driving to the other direction, or getting lost. You’ll also be able enjoy the view on your journey without having to keep your eyes to the road.


Let’s suppose you decide to organize a chauffeured tour around France using Travel Limousines. That means you’ll be getting a variety of benefits. But what exactly are they? We’ll go into greater detail to make sure you fully know what is included in your customized chauffeur package.

Overnight stays in a location of your choice.

London London, in the Cotswolds, Bath, Windsor You can name it. If there’s an area you’d like to visit during your stay in France we’ll create it. You’ll be able to do anything you’d like instead of exploring places you don’t really have an desire to visit. This is one of the benefits of making reservations with Travel Limousines.

If you’re not sure which part of France you’d like to go We’ve provided suggested itineraries that can start you off! These range from 5-night getaways up to 14-night stays, however you’ll be able to stay the length of time you want.


If you’re assigned to an individual travel expert They’ll inquire about your dream excursion to France. We’ll be looking to learn about you along with your travel companions and the kind of experience you’d like to enjoy. Then, they’ll conduct every research step, coordination and planning your itinerary to ensure you enjoy the most out of your excursion. After that, you’ll go over your itinerary and modify it according to your needs This is truly the perfect package for you!

We understand that, with the many possibilities available, it could seem overwhelming to decide what to do. There’s only a certain amount of time on your vacation that you’d like to ensure that you’re doing activities you’ll cherish and will remember for a lifetime. We have a list of areas of interest and activities if want some ideas to you get started.

ACCOMMODATIONS of your choice.

With our customized chauffeur services You don’t have to worry about being put somewhere you’d never pick for yourself. You’ll have the chance to select from a wide range of lodging options, including bed and breakfasts, 3-or 4-star hotels, and castles. Although we cannot provide particular accommodation during the process of booking however we’ll do our best to place you in the areas you’d like to stay.

Hotels in castles are an increasingly sought-after option for our France tourists – don’t forget our top 10 authentic castle hotels!

A VERY PERSONAL DRIVER Guide for your entire trip or just a portion of it.

Perhaps you’d like someone else to chauffeur you around the city throughout your stay in France or maybe you’d like to hit the road by yourself for a few hours. If you’re looking to mix things up, you could spend a few days with an experienced chauffeur, and then a few days driving your own vehicle. We believe that traveling is among the most enjoyable experiences you can have, and we’d like to ensure that you are able to get the best from your trip. Just let your personal travel consultant know what you’re looking for, and we’ll strive to offer the best possible service.

A VEHICLE That meets your requirements.

The private driver tour includes a vehicle as well! We’ll make sure that the vehicle you get will be big enough to accommodate your entire group, as well as your luggage. Also included are all the other things that is included with the vehicle including fuel, tolls, driver meals as well as accommodations. It is important to note that the car choice will be subject to the decision of Travel Limousines based on availability. You can however expect the following luxury vehicles such as van, car, mini-bus, or coach. We also suggest our customers to pay their driver’s fees. Tipping is entirely up to you; check out our tipping guide online to get suggestions for your own custom.