Getting a corporate car leasing agreement in Singapore is a growing business, especially when car buying prices are high in our country. Compared to many other developed nations, the cost of buying a car is many times higher. Instead of asking why it is the way it is, it might be more prudent to look for alternatives that can help you in the long run.

For example, you can choose public transportation, but it might be less convenient for many travellers. It is cheaper, but it cannot compete with the comfort of travelling right to your destination without having to switch transportation systems or wait in long queues.

As a business owner, you should think of choosing a private car to drive around in. Your employees will likely travel to numerous destinations. You should look for a mode of transportation that allows your employees to bypass the public system. For that reason, you may warrant a company car lease.

Here are some things to consider when choosing a car for your employees.

  1. Long-term car rentals often yield more affordable car rentals over the long term.

You can choose to rent cars for as short a time as one day. Some noteworthy examples are when you have marketing events and you want to rent a limousine or other luxury cars to transport VIPs. Renting cars for short-term contracts is usually impractical for those who need car trips for longer periods, such as months to years. Fortunately, you can get your cars rented out for long-term use, which usually spells less expensive car rental prices for you.

  1. You may not be allowed to rent a car if you are a P-Plate driver.

This rule applies to those who want to drive their own cars. As a business owner, you want your driver to have as much experience as possible, as you are not allowed a company car lease in Singapore if you are a P-Plate driver. A P-Plate driver is the nickname of a driver with less than a year’s worth of experience driving a car. Companies may bar you from driving a rental if you received your driver’s licence less than a year ago.

  1. Your car may not be allowed to cross borders

Many car rentals only allow driving within Singapore’s boundaries. If you plan to cross borders into Malaysia or drive to other countries, make sure your rental company permits you.

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