Trucks are multi-purpose vehicles that any business can use in their operations. To guarantee your Renault truck will last a long time, replace its parts. That is part of truck maintenance to maintain its good condition and prevent a sudden breakdown.

Below are the different ways that can help you spot counterfeit truck parts when you start searching for a place where you can buy spares for your Renault and other truck brands.

1. Know Your Truck Brand And Model

The more you know your truck brand and model, the more you can quickly determine which one is genuine and which one is counterfeit Renault parts on the Singapore market.

2. Check The Packaging

Before you throw away the packaging box containing spare parts, make sure to check through all of its sides. Wrong spellings, poor print colours, and designs are some of the signs that the ones you have bought are counterfeit goods.

3. Confirm The “Made In” Labels

If the truck you own is from a foreign country, confirm if its “Made In” label is from where it should be made.

For example, if your truck is a Nissan, the spare parts you have bought in Singapore should also be in Japan. If the country written in the packaging box is different, what you have bought is most likely not genuine.

4. The Price Tag Is Too Cheap

Most counterfeit truck parts have prices that are too good to be true. If you encounter one, consider looking for another truck parts supplier.

5. Consider The Date Format

All countries across the globe have their date format. If you own a Nissan truck, expect its spare parts to be mostly made in Japan, and the date format of the packaging should be year/month/day (2020年01月31日).

In addition to these tips, consider researching the background of your chosen supplier. Doing so will give you more peace of mind that they offer genuine Renault or other brands of truck parts.

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