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Author: Paul Petersen

Tips for Choosing an Auto Repair Shop 

Finding a reputable, efficient auto repair shop can be challenging. A good shop will have a competitive price, excellent customer service and high-quality work. Whether you need a new transmission or suspension work Lakewood CO, consider the following tips for finding a great auto repair shop….


Reduce Downtime With Mobile Truck Repair 

When your business is moving other people’s goods, you can’t afford to be sidelined by mechanical issues. That’s why owner-operators and large companies alike put so much emphasis on prevention and maintenance. Trucks are a big investment, and if they can’t perform consistently, you can’t…


How to Ensure a Durable Car Battery 

Many people complain of faulty batteries during the winter or peak summer season. I tell them that it is your driving habits and lack of proper maintenance that decreased the battery’s durability and performance. Most of them just complain of the battery’s poor quality and…