Riding a two-wheeler reduces stress and enhances your cognitive functions. It has a good effect on your emotional health. Some other benefits include a reduction in your cholesterol levels. These are few benefits of riding a two-wheeler.

Learning a Skill

Riding a two-wheeler helps to know the things around you.So, it’s a matter of mind over your body, where the skills you learn, are put to use, such as riding your two-wheeler. Learning to move without crashing is a skill. To be able to decide when to throttle and when to apply break is driven by your instincts that your brain knows to trust over some time while using the best bike in 100cc to 125cc.


The non-geared two-wheelers, like scooters, are lightweight vehicles that zoom through well-constructed roads and good riding environments. The two-wheelers such as the best 125cc scooter are lower in weight. This best 125cc scooter does not move at high speeds, hence the chances of being involved in accidents are reduced. The best bike in 100cc to 125cc can help reduce stress and it is lightweight.

Health Benefits

Riding a bike involves decision making, planning, and many brain activity. This keeps your health system aroused. Adequate mental stimulation and appropriate exposure to the sun during a bike ride can be looked at as a health benefit of riding a bike.

Improves Physical Health

Two-wheeler riding improves physical health than just sitting in a four-wheeler’s passenger seat. Two-wheeler riding involves balancing, working core muscles, and back muscles to an extent. A bike rider’s way of losing stress is to race with the help of a motorbike. A peaceful bike ride can lead to a stress-free mind.

Exemption from toll tax

Two-wheelers are exempted from toll tax due to certain reasons:

The size and space of a vehicle are considered as half the amount of a small car. Hence, bikes do not reduce road capacity. 

Two-wheelers do not cause a strain on the roads, owing to their lightweight.

Ease of parking 

A two-wheeler does not require too much parking space, so it makes an ideal choice for travel on roads. It helps in reducing the parking issues faced by commuters. 

Saves traffic time 

Using a two-wheeler in heavy traffic reduces a significant time in commutation. Hence if you plan to travel a short distance, it is advisable to use a two-wheeler, as opposed to a four-wheeler. Using a bike reduces traffic congestion to a certain extent.


Buying a two-wheeler is better than a car. It is always cheaper to use and maintain a two-wheeler, than taking a cab or drive your car. This takes into account fuel consumption and mileage cost of service, repair, and spare parts, parking fees, and even toll fees. Also, as two-wheelers are self-driven, you can reduce the expense of a driver.

Economical to insure 

It is easier to insure and more economical, as compared to a car. All vehicle insurances have a damaged cover. The policy also covers losses to the rider and the vehicle.

Bottom line

In conclusion, riding a two-wheeler has many benefits, ones that are advantageous to morning office commuters.