Founded by Benjamin Goodrich,  the Bfgoodrich tire brand is still one of the most formidable, reliable and durable automobile tires in the world.

The company was then bought by French company Michellin in 1988 and later became one of the world leading brands in technological innovations in the tire invention.

With their robust tire production design, the brand ascertained its reputation as the first ever tire to cross the USA on road.  It has also made the achievement in producing the first tubeless tires in the early days thereby highlighting the claim of being one of the most famous tire brand in the world.


BFGoodrich tires are designed with complex rubber treads and enough grit that makes up for unique designs identity. The brand is possesses a rugged look and side walls lettering.

BFGoodrich tyres gives every driver complete comfort with the ability and quality to withstand smooth driving in street roads and the extremities of off-road tracks.

Larger automobiles are also treated to this state-of-the-art technology made for grit, power as well as endurance. The BFGoodrich tyre companies are innovative in creating comfort for luxurious drivers, but also the heavy duty and construction machineries. e.g utility vehicles trucks and aircrafts.

BFGoodrich tires also has the undoubted capacity to endure harsher road conditions such as rocky roads and muddy terrains.

The company has a sound history in the racing world for over a century having won so many victories in competitions over the years.


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From SUVs to muscle cars, BFGoodrich tyre brands dit perfectly with numerous tire brands across the world such as Honda, Toyoa, Lexus, Porsche, Mercedes, Peugeot and BMW brands while at the same time, achieving maximum comfort in rocky, muddy, and steep terrains.

Below is a detailed description of measurements, year of manufacture and vehicle type.

The width, height and rim size, has been carefully built to with diverse dimensions that vastly available to suit your choice when looking for one of the best tires brands in the country and beyond.

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Below is the help centre numbers to contact if you wish to make an enquiry. +971 5562 69517 or +971 54420 4322 or visit the official website in inquiring on any other information in replacement for your tire for sale Dubai today.