Upon visiting a renting provider, you have definitely been asked what size of a van you are looking for, and quite often you were probably unsure. Sure, sometimes describing the situation you are in to the retailer may help them suggest you the correct size, but just to make sure that you are not paying more than you should, we are going to give you a quick guide to correct van sizes and their purposes.

Smaller vans

If you happen to go with the van hire from Go With The Gecko, you will find out that they don’t really have too many smaller vans available, because truth to be said, they are pretty much the most useless and most situational option for renting.

Renting a smaller van is great only if you have to pick up a couple of smaller items that your regular car just isn’t capable of handling, or a single bigger item as well. They are the most cost-effective option if you are delivering or picking up item to a third-party vendor, as shipping services tend to be quite expensive these days.

Choosing the correct van size is important

Medium vans

When it comes to medium vans, they are definitely the best option out there, as they are perfect for all kinds of situations. If you happen to be moving from a rented apartment where you don’t really own all the items, you can easily pack those that you do in a medium-sized van with ease.

Other than that, you can rent a medium van when you plan to go to a vacation, as it is probably much bigger than a car that you own, which means that you and your family can easily fit into the van, as well as all the necessary items you plan to use during your vacation without having that claustrophobic feeling  in an overpacked car.

Big vans

If you happen to be interested into moving everything that you own while you are living in a house, including big items such as a bed, fridge, and other similar big items then going with the expert van hire Sydney from Go With The Gecko by choosing a big van is definitely a great idea.

You will easily get to fit pretty much anything you desire into a big-sized van, however, keep in mind that you might want to ask for some help from your friends while you are loading the items into it. Asking the rental provider if they happen to have a loading ramp can also be quite beneficial, especially if you happen to be loading a lot of boxes.

You can easily load all of your items into a big van

Final Word

Choosing the correct van size is more important than it seems, as you don’t really want to hire a van that is too small for the job, while you don’t want to hire a van that is too big, as you will be overpaying for the rental service as well.