When you own a car and you’ve had it for quite some time now, it is inevitable that one point, you’d need some major auto repair. Whether it’s in the engine or the suspension system, you’d actually have several options when it comes to replacement parts.

If you’ve got a Benz, your service provider may ask you if you want to look for a used, rebuilt, re-manufactured, or an OEM car part from a Mercedes Benz part catalog. Through this article, you will be able to learn what the key differences are between these four car part options.

OEM Car Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. When you go to a dealership service center, this is the type of car part that you will encounter. As it is manufacturer-approved, it’s the most recommended replacement car part option among automotive owners. It is also the one with the lowest risk as this is the very part used when your car was originally built. What makes this option more cost-effective is its durability. Just take note that you might incur a higher labor cost for an auto repair using this one.

Used Car Parts

Used car parts pertain to the OEM parts that have been removed from salvaged vehicles. They are commonly used during collision repairs but they can also be used for general car part-replacement services. Though it inherently has the quality of an OEM (plus, they are also cheaper), they usually come with only a limited warranty. You must also watch out for their “grades”; after they’re harvested from old vehicles, they are graded based on their condition and functionality.

Rebuilt Car Parts

When you talk about rebuilt car parts, it means that the repairer is simply using your vehicle’s old part and replacing whatever is broken from it. However, if your car’s part has undergone too much wear and tear, the rebuilder will look for the same part from another vehicle and just the same — he or she will replace broken components from it for the whole part to be usable still.

Remanufactured Car Parts

Lastly, you will also have remanufactured car parts as an option. Essentially, these are old parts that have been completely remanufactured to function as if they are new. This process is done by re-machining or by installing new mechanical inserts to restore the parts’ functionality. Compared to rebuilt parts, remanufactured parts are more durable and have a longer warranty.

Final Words

When choosing from a Mercedes Benz part catalog (or any catalog), you will typically be asked if you’d go for a used, a rebuilt, a remanufactures, or an OEM car part.

One of the first things to consider is to know whether this replacement solution is a short-term or a long-term one. It will also be dependent on your budget and your goals as a car owner.

Ultimately, you would need help from a service advisor to choose the best option for your situation. Just make sure that you communicate all the needed information to determine the most effective solution for your auto repair concern.

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