Most people give a lot of importance to doing extensive research when they need to buy a new truck or van, but when it comes to buying the right tyre, they are often clueless. One should understand that if the tyres are not right for their commercial vehicles like vans and trucks, their usage efficiency, as well as life expectancy, can certainly drop. Therefore, finding the right tyres for such vehicles is equally crucial. Your task is to find a reputed dealer to shop for the right tyres, but nowadays, this is even simpler, as there are some dealers that offer tyres online Australia, like St George Tyres. They can help you find the tyres for all types of vehicles, at St George Tyres; they stock a wide range of tyres from the most popular brands in tyre industry. 

Things to consider when looking for the right tyres for vans & trucks:

  • Application

Before looking for the tyres in the market or online, you must ensure on what terrain the vehicles would be driven for maximum time. Is the application both on the off-roads or city roads and on off-roads exclusively? Check particular design, size, different rubber compound, and sidewalls for urban as well as off-road settings.


All-season tyres are basically great for street driving, whereas mud or off-road tyres would be ideally suited for gravelly and uneven surfaces. When you want to buy off-road tyres, look for a knobby tread pattern and firm sidewalls that enhance driving on muddy and rocky surfaces without any damage. But for those who would be spending the maximum number of hours on streets, and pretty less off-roads, then all-terrain is the right choice for them.

  • Load capacity

Commercial trucks often carry too much weight and it is obvious that the tyres will be under heavy strain most of the time. So, if picking up tyres online Australia from St George, ensure you specifically consider the load capacity of the vehicle. Ask the experts there about the load capacity and maximum performance they could deliver when under various conditions. The right tyre choice will guarantee smooth and safe driving.

  • Tread design

There are basically 2 types of tread designs, the rib design that is even called closed design, and the second is traction or lug design. The rib design has straight or zigzag grooves that are often used on a trailer and steer positions. Such tyres are best suited in delivery and pickup applications and wet surfaces too, where a lot of maneuvering and turning is involved. These tyres even come with lower rolling resistance, which means higher fuel efficiency as well as perfect for trailer or line-haul service applications.

If you are looking for the best and right tyres online Australia, choose St George Tyres. Their tyre wholesalers have the perfect knowledge of all kinds of quality tyres and their capabilities. And even if you need any assistance, their team is always there to help you choose and buy the right tyres