It doesn’t matter if you are planning a road trip or flying for a much-needed vacation, renting a vehicle is often a must. Unfortunately, car rentals aren’t cheap, not to mention those unscrupulous companies that are only after their clients’ money.

Worry no more because here are a few tips to ensure that you don’t get ripped off on your next car rental:

Watch Out for Pre-pay Gas Options

The first tip may take some research and careful analysis. When it comes to pre-paying, you will buy the initial tank from the car rental company, returning it on fumes. However, the price per gallon of pre-paying gas is often much higher than what you would pay at most local gas stations. You will also be paying for more than what you need to pay if you don’t end up using all the gas.

The best thing you can do here is to ditch pre-paying and pay for the refill out of your pocket before returning the vehicle. Just make sure you leave yourself several extra minutes to stop for some gas. Dropping off the vehicle without filling up its tank will be most expensive because it violates the rental agreement. It will be filled up for you by the rental company at extremely high rates per gallon.

Book at the Earliest Time You Can

The real secret here is to book a rental car at a refundable rate. Doing so lets you lock in the best deal available while still enjoying the flexibility to look for something cheaper. Two weeks before your trip, check the prices across the different rental companies once again.

Do this again a week before your trip, then a day before. Most rental agencies run specials every time their car rentals have lower demand. Once you discover a deal, book again at the special rate then cancel your refundable reservation.

Prepare Your Gear

Bringing your car seat, toll pass, and GPS will save you money so you don’t need to pay extra just to rent this gear. Navigate using your phone’s Google maps. If you have your toll pass, make sure to call to have the rental car added to your account. Don’t forget to call again and remove the rental car from your car upon returning it.

Compare Prices

Be sure to start your search at least a couple of months before your trip. This can give you a better idea of how much it will cost you to rent a car. The results you can get from your search can help you find the best available prices and identify the price perfect for your budget.

Say No to Additional Rental Car Insurance

Be sure to refer to your existing insurance policy to check if this will cover collision damage on rental vehicles. Most premium credit cards offer coverage on auto insurance for rental cars. You also need to check your travel insurance because there is a possibility that it also covers vehicle rentals.

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