When you’re getting your family ready for your yearly vacation, you have a lot going on. You have to make a list of things that every family member needs and double-check that each person has actually packed all of it. One thing you don’t want to have to worry about is how you’re going to get to the airport. You could take your car and leave it in long-term parking, but that can be quite expensive. Here are some easy ways you can get your family to the airport. 

Call a Taxi

One way you can get to the airport is by using a taxi. Taxi services have been used for hundreds of years and are always a reliable method of getting around. However, they can be quite costly. The taxi service often charges by the quarter-mile, so if the driver even goes a little bit out of the way, you could pay a hefty fare at the end. Additionally, you don’t know how long it will take them to arrive when you hire a taxi. You give them a time you want them to be there, but the fares before you will determine when they show up. 

Hire a Car Service

Using a car service is hands down the most comfortable, reliable way to get to the airport. The cars used are always newer models that are cleaned and sanitized in between clients. Additionally, when you hire corporate transportation Jacksonville FL services, you know they will be at your home exactly when you want them to be. You’ll likely find that the comfort and convenience are worth the cost. 

Use an Airport Shuttle

Using an airport shuttle is the most cost-effective way to get to the airport. The shuttle will arrive as close to the pick up time as possible, and you can choose to ride with other passengers or book a private shuttle for your family. If you have children in car seats, you could find it impossible to secure their seats, so you might want to consider other transportation methods.