Indonesians and the world often hear about this area on Lombok Island because of the construction of the mandalika circuit, where the 2022 MotoGP will take place. The peak of the MotoGP event will be on March 18-20, 2022.

There are many stories that you will get when you visit this place. The following article will explain lots of good information about this place, from its history, tourist attractions, and even the circuit’s uniqueness.

Tourist attractions

Mandalika is designated as a Special Economic Zone (SEZ) for Tourism. This island is also one of Indonesia’s 5 priority destinations besides Lake Toba, Likupang, Borobudur Temple, and Labuan Bajo. The title obtained by Mandalika above guarantees that this area has tourist attractions that are worth visiting.

Take note of the following list of tourist attractions if you want to visit Mandalika!

  • Kuta beach

Kuta Beach Lombok offers a unique stretch of sand because its grains resemble pepper. This clean white sand combined with crystal clear seawater and green hills that tower around the beach will make anyone hypnotized.

Indonesia also has another Kuta Beach in Bali. Both have their own uniqueness and beauty. To visit Kuta Beach on the Island of the Gods, you have to know the good time to go to bali because of the crowds of tourists.

  • Seger Hill

The location of this hill is not far from the western part of the Indonesian Mandalika circuit. As the name implies, Bukit Seger (in English: Fresh Hill) offers beautiful green views which, of course, will refresh the eyes of anyone who looks at it. From this hill, you can see the majesty of the international circuit in Mandalika.


The word Mandalika came from a Sasak tribal figure named Putri Mandalika (Princess Mandalika). According to legend, a kingdom was once ruled by a wise king, a queen, and a beautiful, kind-hearted princess. Putri Mandalika was overwhelmed by many proposals from men who were charmed by her. She did not want to create divisions between those men who were fighting her. She then meditated to ask for answers.

One day Putri Mandalika gathered all those who wanted to marry her in Seger Hill to announce her decision. Instead of saying someone’s name, she plunged under Seger Beach and disappeared into the waves. Everyone had tried to save and find Princess Mandalika but to no avail.

The local community is still holding the Bau Nyale ceremony to believe in the legend. In this ceremony, people look for colorful sea worms, which are believed to be the incarnation of Princess Mandalika.

Mandalika International Circuit

The MotoGP circuit in Mandalika also has many stories. It starts from the manufacturing process to its beautiful charm.

  • The Mandalika Circuit is built with the best asphalt in the world
  • Multifunctional street circuit concept (not only for racing)
  • Built using Indonesian products
  • It has a Subahnale woven fabric pattern in several circuit areas

The story about Mandalika does not end here. The story is still being carried on by people who visit this exotic area.

So, ready to write your own story of Mandalika?