When you’ve gotten in an accident and your car needs repairs, you’ll want to take it to a qualified expert you can trust. But finding the right auto shop near you can be a challenge all on its own. To make an educated decision about your shop, consider the following criteria during your search. Using these guidelines can help narrow down your options (especially if you live in a big city) and determine what shop best fits your needs.


With so many businesses just a simple search away for auto collision repair Fort Worth, it can be too easy to find a shop you love that’s well out of your daily routine drive. Try to narrow your search results by limiting the area you’re willing to drive in. If a shop is outside your range, exclude it.


Reviews can come from online or in person. Sometimes the easiest way to find a new shop is by asking your friends and family, or other people you trust, for an honest recommendation. They can tell you who they like and why. If you don’t have anyone you can ask, take a peek at online reviews to see what previous customers think.

Customer Service

When talking to staff at an auto shop, pay attention to how you are treated and the level of service they give you. If you feel uncomfortable or that you are wasting an employee’s time, then this probably isn’t the place you want to spend your money. There is no excuse for poor treatment no matter where you go.


Many autobody shops have received awards for their services, either on a local level or a wider regional level. Ask about awards to get an idea about the shop’s expertise and experience. Like reviews, awards can help you understand the professional standard of each shop.