Having car trouble when you’re on the road is a scary experience. You want to avoid an accident, but you also want to get off the highway. When something goes seriously wrong with your car, pull over, put on your hazards, and take these four steps.

1. Call for Help

No matter what’s wrong with your car, you can’t drive it to the repair shop, so you must call for help. If you’re just out of gas, call a company that provides emergency fuel delivery Aurora CO. On the other hand, if you have a mechanical issue, call a towing company and ask a friend or family member to pick you up. 

2. Stay in Your Vehicle

Unless you are in danger in your vehicle due to a fire or gas leak, stay in your car. By walking around outside, you risk getting hit by passing traffic or even emergency vehicles coming to your aid. You also lessen the risk of hypothermia and other exposure-related conditions.

3. Call Your Insurance Company

As soon as possible, let your insurance company know what happened. That way, you can start the claims process when you get home and you don’t have to worry about getting unnecessary bills.

4. Collect Your Belongings

If your car needs to be towed, get ready to vacate it by collecting all your personal belongings. You especially need your insurance information, cell phone, wallet, and driver’s license. However, smaller items such as your windshield scraper, water bottle, and umbrella are annoying to leave behind as well. Don’t forget to check under your seat and in the trunk.

It’s easy to panic when something goes wrong with your car when you’re driving. However, to ensure your safety, take a deep breath, contact emergency services, and stay safe as you wait for them.