You can customize your car’s features to make it more than a stock vehicle. You may have specific reasons for upgrading your car, such as aesthetics or driving performance. You can get back that excitement with new wheels. Choosing the right custom wheels or new tires san francisco ca can be difficult with so many options.

Tennessee Tires and Wheels help customers choose their tires before installing a custom-made set. To help you choose the right aftermarket wheel, it is important to first narrow down your reasons.

“I want to update the style.”

If you think that you want new shiny rims, then a more expensive option might be right for you. If you are looking for new wheels because of their looks, the sizing of your stock wheels will be most likely the same. You get the same performance as your old tires but with a more attractive look.

“I want faster acceleration.”

For those who want to increase their car’s acceleration, aftermarket wheels can be a great choice. A larger wheel with a greater diameter will reduce the tire’s sidewall height, and increase responsiveness. Larger wheels offer better stability and cornering, as well as improving acceleration and braking distance.

“I want more stability and handling.”

Smaller wheels provide better handling and less road feedback. Taller sidewall tires will give you more control when turning corners. This tire is also ideal for impacts such as potholes, speed bumps and debris.

Once you have identified the type of wheel you want, Tennessee Tires and Wheels will install your custom wheels. Start now by requesting a complimentary consultation.

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