Window tinting in is an excellent way to have you protected from the sun and create an awesome look on your car at the same time. If bubbles start to occur on your car window tints, then it only means that you need to get your car window tint in Riverside, CA.

Several factors can cause bubbles from window tints, and removing them shall not be a problem if you just do these basic things:

How to Remove Window Tint Bubbles?

If your window tints are old, it is suggested to have car window tint re-installed on your car windows rather than doing these instructions on removing window tints. But, if your dyes are still new and you want to remove the bubbles, here are some ways you can do so.

Step One: Applying Heat

Putting a little heat on your tint films is a way of removing those ugly bubbles. The heat weakens the adhesive and softens the film so you can easily manipulate the window tints. Using a heat gun or a hairdryer is the right way of heating the window tints. However, you conserve much electricity if you let your car out on a hot day.

Step Two: Water and Soap

After having your car windows exposed in the heat of the sun, the next thing you want to have is a mixture of soap and water inside a spray bottle. The combination is needed to weaken and allow the adhesive of the window film to be malleable. Spray the mixture of soap and water on the area that you want to repair. Always keep the window tint hydrated throughout the process.

Step Three: Pinning Bubbles

On the next level, what you will need is a sharp and pointed pin or needle. Prick a small hole in the center of every bubble. Remember to pierce the tiniest possible you could ever do and be careful, or else you might tear the whole film.

Step Four: Squeegee-in The Air

This is the step where you press the air bubbles out of the window tint. By doing so, you will need a squeegee, or if you do not have one, hard plastic like a credit card will do. If you have one of these items, you can now proceed with getting the air bubbles out by gently scraping the air bubbles out. Too much pressure could tear the film, so be careful when taking the air out.

For any further inquiries, visit our window tinting in Riverside, CA. Also read the infographic below by Global Tint USA.