Most of factory-installed car audio systems are far from perfection. Fans of Hi-Fi sound, which stands for high-fidelity, usually install more expensive high-quality car sound modules in their cars. This system includes, first of all, a main car audio unit, then an amplifier, high- and low-frequency speakers, as well as mid-range speakers. Moreover, in order to reach pure and rich sound, a car owner should take care of sound-proofing and noise-reduction. This involves installation of sound-proofing and noise-absorbing materials behind vehicle upholstery, fastening of loose cables under door panels and much more. We recommend performing these laborious jobs by professionals.
What is the main advantage of all this expensive devices and accessories? Standard car audio equipment of the consumer grade performs minimum of functions, provides normal sound, which is suitable mostly for any customer. While a Hi-Fi system allows listening all the instruments of a record, its sound is very alive and rich. Moreover, each speaker has frequency, power output and impendence characteristics. Herewith, in order to install separate speakers for each segment of sound frequency you need to provide a sound filters, or crossovers, which will split the sound signal into a set of different frequencies. High-power speakers require mounting of amplifiers, in order to assure clean and powerful sound find you by Despite the fact that modern car audio systems glen burnie md is characterized by many features, such as equalizer, MP3- and CD-support, ability to shift the sound centre sidewise or lengthwise, car owners often replace the standard equipment aiming to achieve better sound stage with the help of Hi-Fi sound elements. Also some car makes allow to choose standard acoustics or from a special brand, such as Bose, Mark Levinson, THX and others. These brands are specialized on in-car Hi-Fi sound systems.