There can’t be any worse feeling with your car than turning its key and getting no response, or your brake pads not responding when you urgently need to slow down or bring your car into a complete stop. Toyota vehicles are known for their reliability, but to maintain that status you need to know how frequent your Toyota needs a maintenance job.

Hence to avoid such unfortunate incidents, it is strongly recommendable that you best know what should be the ideal frequency for taking your car for a maintenance job.

Should you Follow the “the 3000-Mile Rule”?

When we asked the group of mechanics of the most popular Toyota service near Meridian, about how often we should go for a maintenance job for our car, and if it will be right to follow the age old 3000-Mile rule, we got to know the following facts with a clear explanation that deserves to be shared with all car owners.

According to them, the rule that engine oil must be changed in every 3,000 mile can no more be followed since significant technological advancements have taken place in the automotive allowing the modern vehicles to be safely driven with the same fluids, lubricants and filters much beyond that limit. But that doesn’t imply that your car doesn’t need a change of these parts ever. On the contrary, you need to check out the ideal intervals for maintaining your car depending on its make, and model and consult its owner’s manual  which will have a clear mention of it. They further added, that the modern cars can run more than 5,000 and 15,000 miles between the oil, filter and lubrication changes without causing the engine any damage.

What About Following the Recommendations of Professionals?

But you could have a doubt, if the recommendations provided by your service professionals do not match with what is mentioned in your owner’s manual.  In such case, you mut keep in mind that in most cases the mechanics recommend a service schedule depending on the physical condition of your vehicle in case it has undergone extreme operating conditions.

How Reliable are the In-Vehicle Maintenance Systems

The vehicles released with the modern smart technology comes with an in-built monitoring system that can let the car owners know when it needs the next servicing. These Electronic monitoring programs works in tune with the onboard computer system of your car to analyze the performance data and the overall condition of the several operating system.

These systems are based on advanced algorithms that are applied to all those factors that work in tune with a real-time indicator whenever the fluids of the vehicle start contaminating. But it might not be able to detect the conditions of the brake pads, tire treads and similar physical parts.

Hence to ensure the overall wellbeing of your vehicle, it is always recommendable to follow the manual’s instructions, if there’s no other alternative suggestions given to you by your trusted mechanic, suggested the mechanical team of the center of Toyota maintenance near Meridian.